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Your body is amazing. Just think of all the things you have to adapt to on a daily basis; physically, mentally, emotionally and chemically. All of these adaptations occur because your nervous system is programmed to make the best of any situation. But who is looking after your nervous system? 

Here at Mulock Chiropractic we specialise in assessing neurological and biomechanical function so that your nervous system can continue adapting to your environment the way it should. Curious? Ask us how.

When your nervous system is not functioning at its best small deficits in your ability to adapt to your surroundings begin. Slowly and unnoticeable but eventually to the point that you don't remember what you used to feel like (like watching a dog grow, it's a puppy one day, next minute fully grown). These maladaptations add up over time and may manifest as migraines, headaches, neck, back and other aches and pains. We seek to restore neurological and biomechanical function thus restoring your bodies ability to adapt the best way it can to daily challenges. Like to know more? Call us today.

The really cool stuff. Your nervous system also controls every organ in your body and these too need to function at their best, for you to feel your best. Adaptation is again involved, the chemicals in processed food, alcohol, caffeine and pain killers all affect your gut, liver, heart and lungs in different ways not to mention the NERVOUS SYSTEM. Allowing your organs to better adapt to these challenges may help revitalize your entire body, leaving you felling better than ever! Something you are interested in? Book your appointment online or over the phone today.

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